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More behind the scenes photos from the Matches' Shawn Harris

Aug. 22nd, 2007 | 06:15 pm
music: Jimmy Eat World - Big Casino

Click on the band's bus deities to see the full gallery!

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Seattle pics posted

Aug. 21st, 2007 | 10:08 pm
music: Rise Against - Like The Angel

And no, there's no Grey's Anatomy cast members in them. What gives? Anyway, click on either photo below to see the full gallery, yo.

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Mike Shea's Boise photos uploaded

Aug. 21st, 2007 | 03:09 pm
music: Poison Arrows - Straight Into The Drift

Here's what our head honcho Mike Shea saw during the Boise Warped. Click any pic to see his whole gallery!

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Mike Shea's Boise experience

Aug. 21st, 2007 | 10:47 am
music: Paul Baribeau - Last Time

iPhones take shitty pictures.

At least when it comes to anything that is moving. Even air, it seems.

If you’re trying to take a picture of a flower, it’s great. If there is a bee buzzing around the flower, the bee will just look like a blur. If you staple-gun the bee to the flower, then it’ll be great again.

So trying to take live pictures of bands performing here on Warped tour with an iPhone is not recommended at all because every single picture will look like crap.

Unless the musician is staple-gunned to the mic stand.

Just a tip…

The night before the Boise gig, we stopped in Park City, Utah, after a quick jaunt across Wyoming (freakin’ beautiful out there) and got a day room so that we could shower and regroup our senses and sore bodies. We hit the pool, had some beers, great dinner up on main street someplace and then after-dinner martinis (I got the coffee one and ended up being awake till 3 a.m. on the bus texting a friend back in Cleveland -- that was smart).

When we got into Boise the next morning, I stepped out of the bus into what seemed to be a pseudo-state fairground. There were horse stalls and showing rings on the back end of the concert ground and a huge arena next to that that they used for regional competitions.

So the first thing we smelled we got off the bus was fresh horse manure. Welcome to Boise.

Grabbed a fast breakfast in the catering area, which was inside another huge arena that was obviously a home to a number of rodeos and such because of the banners and such circling the upper stands, and then went off to the help Lycia and David put together our booth, which was placed on the side of a hill looking over the 13 and Lucky stages. So literally all of the tents and tables on this hill were at a serious angle which made things pretty interesting for the day trying to keep things on them.

The Rocket Summer were first up to play on the 13 stage and they had a good crowd of 400 that were completely into them. These guys are definitely going to be getting bigger so check them out if you can. Throughout the day, I also caught Coheed And Cambria, Circa Survive, Chiodos, Killswitch Engage and Gallows, who are my new favorite band. Lead singer Frank Carter did the first half of their show down on the grass in front of the stage nearly smacking several people with his swirling microphone. I swear the guy puts everything Henry Rollins did (in Black Flag and since) to shame, and they did a Black Flag cover to boot. After calling the audience a bunch of pussies and nancies he coaxed them into doing a mosh ring around the soundboard which lasted almost the entire three minutes of the song before he joined in for the last few seconds himself. A few girls and a guy wiped out into a pine tree which was pretty funny.

Flogging Molly, Coheed and Paramore all signed at the AP booth, too, which was very very cool of them considering a lot of the bigger companies on the tour pay the musicians to do signings. The bands that do it for AP are doing it because of our mutual support and love of each other, which I always thought was a much more credible way of doing it.

I had never spoken at length with any of the gang in Flogging Molly so having some time with their bassist Nathen was very cool. When they played they probably had just as many people into them as Paramore had later on, if not more. They’ve never had an AP cover either, which I feel bad about.

Oh, yeah, Coheed, despite their demeanor, are actually really nice guys.

Catering had steak for dinner, which I guess is pretty rare out here on Warped Tour, so everyone was pretty happy about that. I snuck into the shower room before the after-show crowd got in there which was fun since it hadn’t been cleaned and the drains weren’t doing their job properly so you walked in there with about an inch of dirty shower water all over. That sucked.

At night, after the show and after the crowds have left but before bus call, which are usually somewhere between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m., Warped backstage turns into a mini-New Orleans. Bands set up lounge chairs and coolers with healthy doses of beer and more in front of their buses and some actually set up full tents with party lights and music blaring. This is where the real parties are after the show.

In a way it’s like walking through a back-alley of some immigrant-heavy area of a major city. Different music blaring out of every other bus area, smells of all kinds and the soft-amber glow of bus windows peaking through the dark gutters that lie in between each of the buses making them all look like little shanty towns spread out among the buses. Some band members, after their show, just retreat into their busses and hang in for the night and play video games or watch movies with other bands or friends from the local area. I walked by the Hawthorne Heights' bus and that’s what it appeared to be happening with them for the night. I hear the boys in Cute Is What We Aim For do that to except for the drummer.

Around 10 Bobby Alt of Street Drum Corps and I wandered over to the big horse-showing arena as I had noticed there was a competition going on there earlier. We walked in there and ended up talking with a retired Portland fireman/truck driver who was there supporting his wife who was in the competition with their horse Sonny. The guy was pretty friendly with us but his wife was a bit cool- maybe a bit freaked out by Bobby’s industrial rock attire and floppy Mohawk. After a while a couple of married women started chatting Bobby up while I was pulled outside to talk to a couple of 20-something locals who had been at the show earlier in the day and proceeded to tell me everything there was to know about Boise and New Meadows and why New Meadows sucked.

The local girl started out saying that her male friend wanted my number because he thought I was hot, and she wanted to know if I had a light. She was trashed off her ass and he just laid there on the grass with her and just smiled, probably laughing at her, I dunno. He was from southern California and much preferred the pace and beauty of Idaho (must be a trend). She had been here all her life and was convinced she would be all her continued life though I tried to convince her that it didn’t have to be that way but I doubt it sunk in because, well, she was trashed. Then she started bitching about the snotty and rich Californians that had moved into the area and had started to make property values skyrocket, which, was a bad thing, in her view. Not sure what her ex-Californian best friend thought of that sitting next to her as he just sat there and continued to grin.

While she then began to ramble and spit out the same information about the music scene, and lack thereof, in Boise, for local bands over and over, I was amusing myself by monitoring the horse-stall security guard that was sitting in his golf cart across the way from us who had been growing more and more agitated as more and more errant punkers from the tour wandered onto his territory chatting on their cell phones or having late-night romance walks under the sliver of the almost-yellow quarter moon that was setting in the East sky. You would have thought terrorists had suddenly walked into the horse-showing area ready to let loose a series of suicide-mission bombs the way this guard was visibly becoming more and more antsy in the cart. Every five minutes or so, he couldn’t take it anymore, and he would whiz down the way in his cart and do a few herding circles around a punk or two trying to get them to steer back towards the Warped area of the site. It was pretty funny and I bet that guy had a few moments of bitching to let out when he got home that night.

Back inside the showing room, Bobby and Buck, the tour manager for the Gallows, had now befriended even more horse owners and were now getting their picture taken with a horse, despite Bobby being a bit nervous of the horse. As the picture clicked (three times because one of the married women couldn’t figure out how to work Bobby’s digi-camera he gave her to use), a striped-shirt, cowboy-hatted middle aged man on a horse came trotting by, scowled at Bobby and muttered aloud, “the white’s on you, boy.”

To be honest, despite the scowls from some, by and large, the people there in the horse arena were very nice to us but you could definitely tell, and feel, the unease from some. This is what Bush’s vision of America has brought us all to. Maybe if we all sat in the same room together a lot more often, as we did in a way tonight, things would be a lot better and we’d all be a lot happier living on the same continent together.

Bus call at 11 p.m. Kevin Lyman walked out of his bus, grabbed one of the collapsible chairs in his hang-out area in front of his bus, said “I know you’re all comfortable but we have to go, gang” and up we all got -- immediately. When Kevin says to do something, you do it. Not more than 15 minutes later, the bus was already moving and I crawled into the bunk and passed out. I woke up the next morning at 6.30 a.m. (which is unheard of for me) in the most beautiful spot there is for a concert arena- the Gorge, in Quincy, Washington.

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Anyone know how to make a crab take a new home?

Aug. 19th, 2007 | 02:25 am
music: 7Seconds - Message From A Friend (live)

Paul DiGiovanni from Boys Like Girls wants to know. Click on the photo below to see his newest behind-the-scenes shots of life on the Warped road.

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Kansas City pics uploaded

Aug. 18th, 2007 | 12:10 am
music: Polar Bear Club - Election Day

We just got in a fresh batch of live shots from the Kansas City stop of Warped Tour. Click on the images below to see all of them. Word.

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Holy nuts, even more Montreal pics!

Aug. 18th, 2007 | 12:06 am
music: Modest Mouse - King Rat

We just added two new galleries at the bottom of the Montreal photo page. Click the pics below to see the full spread!

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Lost your sunglasses in the mosh pit? It looks like Shawn Harris found 'em...

Aug. 16th, 2007 | 04:00 pm
music: Quips - Laray

Shawn Harris, singer of the Matches, has delivered to us yet another candid look at life on the road with Warped Tour. Click the pics below to see his newest gallery!

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Dear Montreal: Even though we don't know what you're saying, we still love you.

Aug. 16th, 2007 | 02:43 pm
music: Modest Mouse - Parting Of The Sensory

Parlez-vous Français? Non.

Parlez-vous Warped? Oui!

Click on le pictures to see le more, le people.

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8/15: Mike Shea checks in from Kansas City

Aug. 15th, 2007 | 10:52 pm
music: Buzzcocks - Sixteen Again (live)

Okay, it was bad enough that I had one of the worst panic attacks I've ever had on the plane coming down here from Cleveland. And, of course, it happened a half-hour into the flight and it's nearly a two-hour flight. So that totally sucked, and I probably drove the guy next to me bats with my constant fidgeting and sweaty palm wiping (not on him... though I probably should have -- he seemed like a doofus.)

A nice half-hour cab ride to the Verizon Amphitheatre with an Indian cab driver and his stack full of cassette tapes(!) that he obviously jived to on those long trips -- he recalled that on 9/12/01, he drove passengers from Kansas City airport to Detroit (12 hours) and to Chicago (9) as the planes were all grounded, and made a nice mint at it as well.

I didn't get two inches out of the cab and the heat just hit me. The old man working the front gate said it was supposed to be 102 today. It felt like 102,000. Everyone was drenched with sweat before noon even arrived and Circa Survive went into their set across from the AP booth. Anthony apologized for being "under the weather" and at one point said he almost puked. Coulda been great YouTube footage though! If he hadn't said anything, though, you would never have known -- their set was solid and his vocals were spot-on, despite his claim of feeling like it was 6 a.m. still.

This is my first ever jaunt out onto Warped Tour for an extended stay. For years Kevin Lyman has invited me to come out but I've always declined either due to work conflicts. This year, though, I couldn't turn it down any longer -- I WANTED and NEEDED to go. I've just been burnt lately and I've had it with the being-a-boss headaches so I needed to get out of the office. So even though I was supposed to be "taking it easy" out here I was still hanging out at the AP booth for as much as I could stand it before I felt like I was going to pass out in the heat. Off I would run to find some place of cool solitude (a bus, the production office, on a stage by a fan). Lycia our AP booth worker said a girl passed out while walking into the AP booth today and Lycia caught her at the last second. I was also told that this was repeated dozens of times all over the concert site today. It was just unbearable...

Gallows performed to hardly anyone because the main stage they performed on directly faced the blaring sun so anyone seated in the plastic pavilion chairs here would have been incinerated within minutes. I felt bad for them, but they totally kicked it and I highly encourage you to check them out sometime, preferably in a small club as I sense that's where their energy would be of greater impact.

I talked for a bit with the lead singer of the Rocket Summer, Bryce Avary, and he was telling me how his favorite AP covers were Foo Fighters and a lot of the bands from the early '90s that we did. Their new record, their first for a major label, has sold over 30,000 copies to date and they're pretty stoked. I asked him if he felt (or the band felt) a little weird about the fact that a lot of their opening acts (Paramore, Cute Is What We Aim For, etc.) have gone on to great acclaim while they've still been trying to break out. He responded that he was really happy for them and wasn't bitter or anything and was just really happy that their band is now turning into its own huge thing with fans (I later spoke with Kevin about this and he agreed).

After trying to find some shade again, I ended up seeing the Street Drum Corps guy play in the Skull Monkey tent to a group of about 50 or so. I grew up listening to industrial music like Test Department and Einsturzende Neubauten, and being a drummer at heart, these guys make a little soft spot in my heart for them. They're working on a Vegas show now and have a new record out this September. It's all up on iTunes so check it out. They said their Canadian shows were the shit and even had some of their "equipment" stolen by fans (they use junkyard stuff: tubs, pipes, etc). A fan got a hold of them and told them they saw their stolen gas mask up on eBay.

After they played, the Starting Line's Kenny Vasoli played a solo acoustic set of about 4 songs to about 40 kids or so. I felt so bad for him since his band was at one time on the cover of AP not too long ago and now he was playing in front of 40 fans. His vocals were great considering the heat and I do like their new record a lot. I just wish him the best of luck and I hope to speak to him over the next few days. Oh, I ran into JT Woodruff, the lead singer of Hawthorne Heights, in the Xbox game room -- he was watching his buddies play. (I checked in there twice over a two-hour period and he was still in there!)

I missed the Almost tonight, so I will have to catch them at the next show in Boise, as well as Paramore, whose signing I missed in our booth. Blah... I think everyone was just a bit out of it today because of the heat. We were all dragging.

I grabbed dinner quickly with Kevin and the promoter here at the venue and then headed to the shower in the sponsors' courtesy office. The hot water didn't really work too well but I didn't need that anyway. And then I discovered a zit had broken out on my forehead above my left eye because of the sunblock clogging up a pore.

Go figure...

Tonight at the after-show bar-b-q I plan to see the Chiodos guys and show them their upcoming cover, which you will be able to see for yourself this coming Thursday night on altpress.com and myspace.com/alternativepress. There's a bit of a theme going on with them and All Time Low's new photo campaign, but it was all just one big coincidence.

Oh, and I met a girl and her friend who are AP readers at the AP booth while they were waiting for Paramore (they wanted to be first in line) and she told me that her mom lives in a hut that's made out of weed. Finally: Props to all of the punk rockers who did their Mohawks up today and kept them up and intact by day's end. You guys get medals, I swear....


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